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How to wear the Seri™ face mask


Serionix HighFlo inserts designed to have maximum breathability are made from MERV 13 media with polyester/nylon support layers, a nanofiber filtration layer, and a polypropylene comfort layer.

Serionix HighPer inserts are designed to have higher filtration efficiency with MERV 16 filtration media that are made with a nanofiber and polypropylene support and comfort layers.

The mask body is made from a soft 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend, while the front mesh is made using breathable 100% polyester.

Yes the face masks are fully machine washable. We recommend washing your face masks any time they may be soiled or after heavy activity.

We recommend hand washing and line- or hang-drying masks any time they become soiled or after heavy activity.

HighFlo inserts are designed with a resilient, form-fitting shape and built to last from 1-2 days to a couple of weeks depending on duration and nature of use.

The more durable HighPer inserts may be heat-sterilized and reused by placing in an 150 F oven for 30 minutes along with a shallow dish of water (do not place in the water).

Both styles of inserts should be replaced when they are heavily soiled or broken down and no longer hold their shape.

Superior breathability and comfort

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Ultra breathable filter inserts made using high-efficiency filtration media

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