Incredibly breathable mask for athletic and active use

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built and designed by engineers and scientists.


Serionix face masks inserts contain 3 separate layers. An outer structural layer, a nanofiber high efficiency filtration layer, and a inner comfort layer.

The face mask is made from military grade fabric which we personally evaluated for comfort and fit.

Yes the face masks are fully machine washable. We recommend washing your face masks any time they may be soiled or after heavy activity.

Our face masks are intended to be reusable and should be washed any time they are soiled or continuously worn for long hours.

Colorfil inserts should be replaced any time they are worn under heavy activity, soiled, smelly, or worn for long periods of time.

Superior breathability and comfort

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Ultra breathable high efficiency facemask filter inserts

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Hundreds of engineering hours to get it right.

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