Colorfil eliminates odors and chemicals other filters can't.

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Colorfil is great for homes with pets, removing pet odors, mold and mildew, cooking odors, and more.

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Get way more out of your filter.

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You deserve clean air.


How Colorfil provides clean air 365 days a year

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How Subscription Filters Work

Every family and home has different air quality demands, which is why we offer to give you a new filter whenever you may need one without trying to upsell you with extra unnecessary filters.

Once your filter has been exhausted (changes to yellow), if you are subscribed to the monthly subscription, simply use the request button in the sidebar and we'll send you a fresh new filter right away (as frequently as 1 a month). If you are subscribed to our annual subscription you can request after the 4th month.

If your filter doesn't change color after 4 months or if we haven't heard from you, we'll send you a fresh filter automatically. If you are unhappy with our filters you can cancel at any time. View full terms and disclaimers here.

At Serionix, we like our company like our air: transparent.

Find all of the technical details here:

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