Better Than the Leading Air Filter

Air filters are a necessity. They help you breathe easier and keep your home smelling fresh. But not all air filters are created equal. Colorfil air filters are more than just ordinary air filters —they're a helpful and powerful way to remove unwanted particles, chemicals, and odor from the air. That means your house can be comfortable for you, your family, and your pets all year long. Live healthy and happy with Colorfil air filters.

Colorfil captures and removes 5x more odors, as well as other nasty stuff including:

  • Dander

  • Pollen

  • Dust

  • Hair

  • Chemicals

  • Odors

  • Dirt

What Our Fans Are Saying

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The Only Filter that Shows You it's Working.

What has your air filter done for you lately? Colorfil's patented color-shift technology™ changes color from pink to yellow as it works to remove chemicals and odors from your air, helping you to see exactly what your filter is doing, and eventually help you know when to replace it.

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Pet Innovation Award Winner...again!

For the third consecutive year, Colorfil filters have been awarded "Odor Remover Product of the Year" by The Independent Innovation Awards. With only one product selected in each category, the Awards were created to recognize the most outstanding companies, services, and products within the Pet industry. Yay!

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Built for NASA. Approved by Rover.

Colorfil's air filter technology was originally designed to protect astronauts and spacecraft. We are proud to offer the same technology to create clean, fresh, and welcoming living spaces for pets and their people. With Colorfil, clean air is rocket science. Read the article from NASA here.

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Get Way More Out of Your Air Filter.

Colorfil's advanced proprietary technology is designed to capture and neutralize amine-based compounds-think household chemicals, urine, pets and food-with unmatched efficiency. In fact, our filters attract, capture and neutralize chemicals and odors up to 5 times more effectively than the leading brand.

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Colorfil Cares.

Our team is committed to creating healthy and happy living for pets and their people through safe, innovative products. But we don't stop there. With every Colorfil purchase, we donate 3% to our local humane society to help save lives. Thanks to Colorfil customers, donations have exceeded $100,000, providing food, shelter, and medical attention to animals in need. 

Let's Save Lives