Our color-shift™ technology

Colorfil © is the only air filter that indicates when it needs to be replaced. The patented color-shift ™ technology, or coating formula, is highly reactive to certain toxic fumes and chemicals in the air—and actually changes from pink to yellow as it absorbs these unwanted airborne particles from your air. With Colorfil, you can see your air quality improving right before your eyes.
Color Change

The story behind the science 

The magic formula behind Colorfil © was created in a laboratory at the University of Illinois in 2011, and happens on a molecular level. The patented coating is made with polyelectrolytes—polymer substances with a permanent electrical charge—applied over normal filter media. Our cofounders discovered that this coating formula successfully removes amine-based compounds—take household chemicals, urine, pet, food, and other odors—from the air with 5x more efficiency than the leading brands. 

The surprising news? The coating is composed mostly of citric acid, a naturally-occurring ingredient in fruit, plus synthetic compounds.


About our NASA award

Built in partnership with astronauts for use on mission spacecrafts, Colorfil © was recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for its best-in-class absorption levels. In 2011, the founding team received a grant to fund the development of its coating formula, in order to support the development of safer, healthier, more comfortable spacesuits for astronauts. The Colorfil team succeeded in designing a lightweight, high-performing system for removing ammonia and formaldehyde that was utilized for a set of next-generation spacesuits. Read more about the grant here.


Our purpose beyond clean air

The Colorfil team is dedicated to providing high-quality air, as well as a healthy life for everyone - including our pets.  We are donating 3% of every Colorfil purchase to the Humane Society to help save lives. The donation goes to help animals in need of adoption, whether it's feeding them, sheltering them, or providing them with the necessary medical attention they need.

Humane Society