Is Colorfil better than carbon or HEPA filters?

Yes! When it comes to removing chemicals from the air, Colorfil is much better than carbon or HEPA filters! Colorfil has much higher efficiency and capacity than activated carbon filters, and unlike HEPA filters, Colorfil helps eliminate the chemicals while chemicals that gets captured by HEPA filters simply get released back into the air. You can see our technical document here. Colorfil is great for removing pet, cooking, and bathroom odors and more!

Why should I try Colorfil?

Colorfil not only removes dust, pollen and other particles, but also odors and chemicals from the air at a high efficiency that you won't find with any other filter. The pink to yellow color change lets you know exactly when you should change your filter (yellow), or if your filter is still protecting you (pink). Changing your filters regularly can improve your home air quality and reduce your energy use and costs as reported by the EPA.

Does Colorfil add more chemicals to the air like other "air fresheners"?

Traditional air fresheners cover up odors by adding more chemicals into the air and your home. Colorfil filters cleans and remove chemicals and odors from the air without adding more chemicals into the air you breathe.

When should I change my filter?

As your Colorfil filter removes chemicals and other gunk from your air, it will change from its protected pink to a yellow color. You should consider replacing your filter if the majority of the filter is yellow.

How long will Colorfil filters last?

The better your air quality, the less you'll need to change your Colorfil filter. If you live with very clean indoor air, you might not see a color change in your filter for over half a year or more, but if you live in the bustle of New York city, or own a few pets or just happen to have more polluted indoor air, it may need to be changed sooner because it's working a lot harder to keep your air clean.

What does Colorfil filters remove?

Colorfil filters remove dust and pollen like regular filters, and also have a chemically active surface that is very good at removing chemicals from the air. The family of chemicals Colorfil filters target are commonly found in our homes and are toxic odor causing chemicals such as amines.

What is the MERV rating of your Colorfil filters?

Colorfil filters have an equivalent removal rating of a MERV 7 filter as tested by third parties, which is a good balance between letting your HVAC system run well and removing a lot of gunk at the same time.

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