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 Meet the Founders

Serionix originated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2011 through coordinated efforts by PhD students James Langer and Weihua Zheng. Through years of extensive research and development, our team has developed an award-winning filtration technology that has received support from the Army, the National Science Foundation, and NASA in excess of $3M.  In 2019, they released their cutting edge filtration technology to the public with Colorfil a high-performing, odor reducing, color-changing HVAC filter.  



Company History 

NASA air filter technology

Working with NASA

Our story started with 3 scientists on a mission to develop air filters to save astronauts’ lives

Pet odor removing air filter

Dealing with Pet Odor

Jim’s bourbon club friend Peter complained his beloved cat’s marking habit caused strain on his family. We hand-crafted him an air filter out of the same materials we previously developed for NASA.  Our handmade filter completely eliminated the odor, and saved Peter’s marriage—or at least his cat!

Best Air Filter on the market

Expanding to HVAC filters

After successful trials of room air filters removing odors for other friends and family, Colorfil expanded to whole home HVAC filters available to everyone.  This offers the powerful advantages of our filters for your entire living space. 



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