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Why Colorfil Air Filters?

Colorfil air filters are built to tackle the unique air quality challenges of pet-friendly homes through proprietary filtration technology that thousands of pet parents have described as miraculous.

The Only Filter that Shows You It's Working.

Want to see your filter working in real time? Our patented color-shift™ technology has got you covered. Watch as the filter changes from pink to yellow, absorbing all those gas-phase chemicals and odors. It's not just effective; it's visual proof of a healthier living space.

Bye-Bye, Pesky Odors

Let's face it, sometimes our pets can be a tad...aromatic. But with Colorfil, those lingering scents are history. Our advanced tech doesn't just mask; it captures and neutralizes those tricky amine-based compounds, outperforming the leading brand by a whopping five times. 

Tech That's Out of This World

Our filter technology was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft. We are proud to offer the same technology to create clean, fresh, and welcoming living spaces for pets and their people. With Colorfil, our filters are literally rocket science.

Here's how Colorfil can work for you and your pets.

  • Fresh Air, Happy Lungs.

    Imagine taking a deep breath and only feeling... freshness. Every inhale is a mini spa moment.

  • Allergies? What Allergies?

    Wave goodbye to those airborne party crashers like pollen, pet dander, dust, and hair.

  • Happy Pets, Happy Life.

    Our fur babies have sensitive noses and lungs. With Colorfil, they get the VIP treatment.

  • A Warm Welcome for All.

    Your guests will feel the Colorfil difference. Fresh air, no odors, just pure comfort.

  • Saving Green. Being Green.

    With Colorfil, your system runs smoother and uses less energy. That means, saving the green!

"Odor Remover Product of the Year"...Again!

For the third consecutive year, Colorfil filters have been awarded"Odor Remover Product of the Year"by The Independent Innovation Awards. With only one product selected in each category, the Awards were created to recognize the most outstanding companies, services, and products within the Pet industry. Yay!

  • 2023

    "Odor Remover Product of the Year"

  • 2022

    "Odor Remover Product of the Year"

  • 2021

    "Odor Remover Product of the Year"

Colorfil Cares.

Our team is committed to creating healthy and happy living for pets and their people through safe, innovative products. But we don't stop there. With every Colorfil purchase, we donate 3% to our local humane society to help save lives. Thanks to Colorfil customers, donations have exceeded $100,000, providing food, shelter, and medical attention to animals in need.