Meet the Winners of the Love Your Pet Photo Contest

Meet the Winners of the Love Your Pet Photo Contest

We're so excited to announce the winners of our Love Your Pet Contest!

The response was overwhelming, and we had to make a couple of tough decisions when it came down to choosing the winners of each category. But we did it—and we think you'll love what you see!

Without further ado, here are the winners of our contest:

Grand Prize Winner

Name: Lucky Tangerine

Pet Parent: Ashley R

Not all cats are alike, but this one is truly a one-of-a-kind furball. Those giant eyes and especially those whiskers are irresistible. Say hello to the Grand Prize winner of our Love Your Pet Photo Contest, Lucky Tangerine.

Lucky's parent Ashely shared: 

"In November of 2014, I got a call from my mom that she found a tiny orange kitten on the middle of a highway off-ramp, she was truly lucky. She gives us so much love and snuggles. Our family wouldn't be the same without her."

Our grand prize winner was chosen at random from all entries. 


Most Likely to Get What They Want

Pet Parent: Michael H.

No, not the eyes! 

With eyes like these, you'll most certainly fall under their spell. Rich in personality and charm, this kitty can do no wrong. Like the rest of us, we fell for the eyes. See our "Most Likely to Get What They Want" winner. But be careful - you'll go weak from that adorable look. 


Most Likely to Walk the Catwalk

Pet Parent: Ken V. 

You might imagine a feline like this beauty when you picture a cat walking down the catwalk. This cat has the show stopping goods to strut with the best of them - and with even more attitude. Strike a pose and say hello to the winner of our "Most Likely to Walk the Catwalk" award. And who said a little fluff is a bad thing. 


Most Likely to Snuggle on the Couch

Pet Parent: Bec H.

You probably agree one of the best things about puppies is that they're excellent at snuggling. Look at this little guy. How could you resist? (We heard it…you "aww-ed," didn't you.) Our "Most Likely to Snuggle on the Couch" winner is the perfect remedy for a long day.  


Most Likely to Hate Mondays

Name: Little Miss Alice

Pet Parent: Lauren R.

Mondays can be rough. After a fun weekend, it's hard to drag yourself out of bed. This cutie looks all too familiar with the struggle. Our winner of the "Most Likely to Hate Mondays" category may have struggled out of bed, but after some freshening up, she's ready to conquer the week ahead.

Little Miss Alice's parent shared: 

"Her favorite pastimes are cuddling, sleeping, thinking about going back to sleep, and burying treasures (hair ties, kibbles, wireless headphones, etc.) in her blanket nest before taking a well-deserved nap.  One day a week, she gets to be my work-from-home supervisor as well. She is a 9yr old Chihuahua, and her full name is Little Miss Alice."


Most Likely to Rule the Household

Name: Bo

Pet Parent: Cherish S.

Bo knows no bounds. He goes where he wants and has undoubtedly earned the right to rule the home. But don't let his regal demeanor fool you. He's a big softie at heart. Say hello to Bo, our "Most Likely to Rule the Household" winner!

Bo's parent, Cherish, shared: 

"When I worked in a veterinary clinic, a good samaritan brought in a litter of kittens and Bo happened to be part of that litter.  He is actually my first cat, and he is going to be 16 years old this summer!  Bo enjoys going for a walk on his leash in the backyard, and sometimes if he is up to it will do tricks.  He has been such a wonderful companion all these years!"


Most Likely to be the Life of the Party

Name: Sullivan (Sulley)

Pet Parent: Will A. 

Everyone loves a fun-loving guy, and Sulley is just that. He's the life of any party--but don't let that fool you. He's also a charmer, a cutie, and all heart. Meet Sulley, winner of our "Most Likely to be the Life of the Party."

Will, Sulley's parent, shared: 

"Sulley is a fun loving pup who is, indeed, always the life of the party. His favorite place to visit is Lowe's home improvement, where he is endlessly stopped by 'can I pet your dog?' requests. He fiercely defends his castle by barking at delivery drivers--that is until they come inside, when he drops the tough guy act and shows everyone what a cuddly guy he is. He loves chasing squirrels and can't get enough of popcorn."

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