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Feline Tales: Heartwarming Stories of Rescued Cats

Hey there, cat lovers! These tales showcase the un-fur-gettable bond between our feline friends and their doting humans, who've welcomed these adorable furballs into their lives with open arms.

From charming strays like Zoey, who captured Stephanie's heart in an instant (I mean, who could resist that sweet face?), to once-feral kittens who found their purr-ever homes, these stories are sure to remind you of the paws-itively amazing impact that a cat can have on everyone involved.

So, fluff up that cozy blanket, curl up with your favorite feline (if you're lucky enough to have one), and meet our adorable friends. 



Parent: Lisa O.

Breed: Absynnian and American Shorthair

Colorfil Feline Tales Stinky

"Meet Stinky, our adorable feral rescue from a house with over 20 kitties! When we first found her, poor Stinky was dealing with feline herpes and periodontitis, which meant she had to have most of her teeth removed before she even turned one. Her eyes can be a bit watery, and her remaining bottom tooth sometimes gets caught on her lip, giving her a cute pirate look.

But you know what? Stinky's past experiences have only made her even more lovable. She's got the sweetest personality, being both clingy and cuddly, as well as mischievous and playful. If the house goes quiet for too long, you can bet Stinky's up to something! She absolutely adores warm laps and bird-watching, and if she can do both at the same time, she's in kitty heaven!" - Lisa O.



Parent: Tracy C.

Breed: Tuxedo Cat

Colorfil Feline Tales Charm

"Meet Charm, our lovely rescue kitty who once roamed a trailer park with her twin sister, Charlene. Some kind-hearted kids found them and brought them to a shelter, where Charlene found her forever home first. We decided to adopt Charm during the pandemic in 2020, the same year my daughter finished high school. She had been asking for a cat for ages, but I always said no, knowing I'd be the one taking care of it.

However, after seeing how heartbroken she was about missing out on her senior year milestones, like prom, I just couldn't say no anymore. Now that my daughter's off at college, Charm spends her days snoozing on my computer, eating, or competing for my attention. Sure, she can be a handful at times, but the joy she brings to my daughter when she comes home makes it all worthwhile." - Tracy C.



Parent: Stephanie J.

Breed: Snowshoe

Colorfil Feline Tales Zoey

"My parents have always had a soft spot for stray cats, and their home has become a haven for them over the years. About three years ago, a feral cat appeared, and soon enough, she had kittens. These kittens were also a bit feral, making it difficult for my parents to catch them for spaying and neutering. As you can imagine, the cycle continued with more kittens being born.

Then, along came Zoey, an adorable kitten from the latest litter. Her cuteness was irresistible, so I just had to bring her home with me! Who could say no to that sweet face? 😊 Luckily, my parents have since managed to catch the feral cats and get them spayed and neutered, preventing more kittens.

The remaining kittens found loving homes through the local Humane Society, and Zoey joined her three cousins, an orange tabby I adopted in 2018, and a dog I adopted in 2013, at my place. They're all well cared for and loved dearly.

I'm a huge advocate for adopting shelter animals, as so many are waiting for their forever homes, and sadly, many are euthanized each year. If you're looking for a family pet, please ADOPT, don't shop!" - Stephanie J. 


Aria and OJ 

Parent: Samantha M.

Breed: Mixed breed

Colorfil Feline Tales Aria and OJ

"Meet OJ (5) and Aria (2), two adorable kitties I adopted from my former coworkers, which is how I know their exact age and birthdays! OJ is a big fan of chasing his toy mice, playing tag with Aria, enjoying treats, and taking naps. Aria, on the other hand, loves playing with strings, balloons, and paper bags. They both go crazy for boxes of any size and can't resist a good play-fight over them! Their all-time favorite treats are the lickable Churu's and Temptations!

Here's a fun little tidbit about OJ and Aria: they're cat models! They love to show off their style in bandanas, bowties, and other fashionable accessories. How cool is that? 😺" - Samantha M. 


Brie and Boo

Parent: Laurel B.

Breed: Mixed breed

Colorfil Feline Tales Brie and Boo

"Say hello to Brie and Boo, a loving mother-son duo I adopted through a rescue group. They had been in foster care for nine months and needed to be adopted together, but no one seemed to want a pair until I came along. Boo was such a mommy's boy, always sticking close to Brie, and she was a fantastic mom.

Sadly, within the first year, Boo developed kidney failure and it progressed very quickly. The vet suggested that blood transfusions in a town two hours away might help, but there were no guarantees. I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let Boo go and end his suffering. I brought his body back home and let Brie see and smell him before burying him in our backyard, surrounded by fragrant plants and a beautiful burial stone. We still miss our sweet Boo.

Brie has since become more attached to me, and that's just fine—we love our cuddle time! 😸😻 She's now my mama's girl. Alongside Brie, I have three other cats and a small mixed-breed dog named Molly, who loves playing with her feline siblings. They've all learned to either join in the fun or tolerate Molly's antics, making for one big, happy family! 😸" - Laurel B.

Share Your Pet Story 

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! Do you have a furry (or not-so-furry) friend who lights up your life with their endless love and companionship? Have they done something so amazing or heart-melting that you can't help but share it with the world? Well, we're all ears! 

Let's come together and celebrate our pets through the stories that make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. Be it a loyal doggo who's always by your side, or a sneaky kitty who keeps you on your toes, we want to hear all about it! After all, our pets are more than just animals—they're cherished members of our families who deserve their moment in the spotlight.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your paw-some stories with us and let's spread the love for our four-legged (or two-legged, or no-legged) companions together!


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