5 things everyone is saying about Colorfil air filters

5 things everyone is saying about Colorfil air filters


Originally built in collaboration with NASA for use in spacesuits and spacecraft, Colorfil eliminates toxic chemicals and odors in air. 

Not only can Colorfil remove funky smells from your home, but it also changes color to let you know when it’s working and when it needs to be replaced. 

We could talk about Colorfil all day, but instead, we’ll let you hear straight from our customers!

#1: Skeptics, Prepare to be Amazed.

“6 pack please I purchased 2 before because I really didn't think the filters would workI'll take as many as you have.. haha! Thank you!” - Jessica O.

“I'm a believer. Bought one to try, was definitely skeptical. But boy does this work!” - Pat B.

“I received my order 2 weeks ago and I immediately installed one of the filters. We own two big dogs and it is difficult to keep the house smelling fresh all the time. I didn’t know what to expect out of these filters, but I have to say that I am totally impressed by them. They absolutely do the job that they’re supposed to do. I was able to tell the difference in my household air within 24 hours. I am completely sold on these and you will have a customer for life. Great filters for sure.” - Mark D.

#2: The Smell is Gone.

“I was hesitant to buy 6 at once but since there was a return policy so I decided to give it a try. I have 2 Doberman’s and taking care of 2 other dogs and no more doggie smell.” - Geoff S. 

“My daughter recently got 2 baby rats...We cleaned the cage multiple times but could not get the musty smell to go...Then we installed the Serionix filter and within one hour the smell was gone and it stays gone (even when she forgets to clean the cage). I am a complete convert -these filters are AWESOME!” - Maureen M.

“Colorfil filters really do the job on cat odors!” - Pat B. 

“These filters work amazingly well - we live in a near 100-year-old house with a puppy, and the house always had a slight smell since we moved in. The smell is pretty much gone after less than a month of use 👍 Construction is great and far more substantial filtration material compared to the basic ones at your local store.” - Alex K. 

“I have to say these are the best air filters out there! We were having alot of problems with dog and rabbit smell... Installed these filters on a afternoon, by the morning the smell of dogs was gone! Hope this review helps a lot of people!!!” - Paul K.

#3: It Tells You When to Change It. 

“Excellent technology and very simple to determine when to change filters.” -Sarah S.

“I run a dog rescue, house full of dogs is always an issue with smells, I have tried everything on the market, candles, cleaners, air cleaners, sprays, air fresheners, nothing really works. These filters have made the biggest difference so far. Very happy with them the color change is just an added convenience.” -Kim B.

#4: It Saves You Money in the Long Run.

“I have 6 pets, live in FL so I don't get a chance to open the windows for fresh air. So needless to say smells are an issue. I also had this weird mildew (inspected for mold and there is none) smell from my unit. I have had the ducts cleaned, coils cleaned everything... There was still the funky smell. So I tried these filters I noticed a difference with in a day. I wish these were around when I spent all that money on cleaning. I also notice cooking smells don't staying around as long as they used to.” -Jessica O. 

“I love the color changing filter! It makes me realize I have wasted a lot of money over years throwing away filters that were either not “done doing their job...or were lesser quality and didn’t last nearly as long. This one I put in on December 12th...The pinkness tells me “NOT YET!!” -Barb T.

#5: This Company Actually Cares.

“Everything from innovative product, to fair prices, to stellar customer service! Highly recommended!” - Bob S.

“Process was very easy to order, I originally purchase the 16x20x1 but when filters arrived I notice they were to small for my furnace. Emailed customer service and they answered me in less than 30 minutes.... Explained to them that my filter size was actually 16.25x21.50x1, a little bigger! They sent me a free return label and within 3 days I had the correct filter size.” - Paul K.

“We received our filters in October of last year and can tell a difference in air quality and odor control. This company goes above and beyond for their customers.” - Melissa H.

In Closing

We are absolutely thrilled to hear how so many people are enjoying our filters! If you are interested in learning more or purchasing you can go to colorfil.com. And if you have any questions please reach out at help@colorfil.com and we would be glad to assist you.

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