3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Help Your Colorfil Filters Last Longer

3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Help Your Colorfil Filters Last Longer

We want Colorfil to provide you with the best air quality experience and help reduce the indoor pollutants that may be found inside your home. While Colorfil filters help reduce chemicals, odors, and dust from your home, we want to provide you with ways to help improve your home’s air quality overall and help make your filters last longer!

To help minimize indoor air pollutants, improve your indoor air quality, and increase your filter life, here are a few helpful air quality tips: 

Pet cat home air quality

3. Be aware of indoor pollutants. 

Some indoor air pollutants are 2 to 5 times more concentrated than the typical outdoor air pollutants. This can happen from pet hair, dust, and even mold from indoor plants/excess humidity. To stay aware of these pollutants and help minimize common allergens found in your home, you can focus on:

  • Vacuuming more frequently if you have carpet or rugs
  • Cleaning items regularly that attract allergens and dust, such as bedding or curtains
  • Open your windows/doors occasionally to let fresh air in and circulate in your home, pushing potential air contaminants and odors outside

2. Your cleaning supplies may actually be harmful to your air quality.

Many household cleaning products contain organic chemicals in their ingredients. Organic chemicals that vaporize and become gases at room temperature are collectively known as Volatile Organic Compounds.

VOCs can also be released from cleaning and disinfecting products, air fresheners, paint/art supplies, and more. VOCs increase indoor air pollution.

To help minimize VOCs in your home, you can try:

  • Buying less of these household products and use natural cleaning products such as lemon and vinegar 
  • Using all products according to directions and diluting them according to the label when necessary
  • Providing good ventilation when using these products
  • Properly disposing containers

    1. Check your cat litter!

    Amines are a common pollutant and odor found in homes from cat urine and other pets. If your family includes one or more pets, you may be susceptible to more amine pollution and require more frequent filter changes. One possible way to reduce this by checking your cat’s litter box to see if their litter helps reduce the odors released into the air.

    Key Takeaways:

    Every home is different, so the lifetime of a Colorfil filter in every home varies. 

    If you have more pets, use certain household cleaners more frequently, or have heavy dust buildup in things like carpet or curtains, your filter is more likely to change color a bit faster. Following some of these air quality tips can help minimize how frequently you need to change your filter.

    The great thing about Colorfil filters is that the purple (or pink) to yellow color change lets you know exactly when your filter should be replaced, rather than giving you an arbitrary estimate on when to change it. Colorfil filters let you know exactly when to change it according to your home's personal air quality!






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