Colorfil Purple HVAC Filter

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Colorfil HVAC furnace filters change color as they remove toxic chemicals and odors from your home that other purifiers and filters can’t. We donate $1 for every Colorfil Purple filter purchased (6 packs = $6 donated!) for animal welfare at no extra cost to you.

Save 20% and get a new Colorfil HVAC filter delivered straight to you whenever you need new filters.

Colorfil filters remove:

  • toxic chemicals
  • odors (from your pets or furry friends, funky smells, chemicals and more)
  • dust and other particles regular air filters remove

All of our filters have FREE SHIPPING in US and Canada and arrive within 1-2 weeks.

 See our technical document here.

Adjust your subscription for your budget at any time for recurring subscriptions up to 12 months intervals at any time. tweet or e-mail us (help@colorfil.com) or use your account to change your subscription at any time.

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