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Colorfil HVAC furnace filters change color as they remove toxic chemicals and odors from your home that other purifiers and filters can’t.
Colorfil filters remove:

  • toxic chemicals
  • odors (from your pets or furry friends, funky smells, chemicals and more)
  • dust and other particles regular air filters remove

All of our filters have FREE SHIPPING in US and Canada and arrive within 1-2 weeks.


How Free Request Colorfil Subscription Filters Work


Every family and home has different air quality demands, which is why we offer to give you a new filter whenever you may need one without trying to upsell you with extra unnecessary filters.

Once your filter has been exhausted (changes to yellow), if you are subscribed to the monthly subscription, simply tweet, use the request button on the side bar, or e-mail us (help@colorfil.com) a picture and we'll send you a fresh new filter right away (as frequently as 1 a month per subscription). If your filter doesn't change color after 4 months or if we haven't heard from you, we'll send you a fresh filter automatically. Our annual plan provides you with 4 filters to start and you can request additional filters with no additional fees, completely free after using all 4. If you are unhappy with our filters you can cancel at any time.

See our technical document here.

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