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The internal combustion engine in today's modern vehicle requires sophisticated filtration to keep the air, oil, fuel  and other liquids or gases ultra clean. Filtration technology is constantly changing to keep pace with the latest in engine technology but the basic principles remain the same. A typical air filter in an internal combustion engine (ICE) removes dust, soot, carbon, abrasives, moisture and other contaminants from the air before it enters the engine induction system. If contamination gets inside the induction system, even the tiniest microscopic dust particles can damage fuel injectors, cylinder walls, pistons and rings and lead to expensive repairs in a very short time. Therefore a quality air filter is a critical component in prolonging engine life. Typical automotive air filter designs include:
Axial Conical Panel Radial
Axial Design Conical Design Panel Design Radial Design
Most standard automotive air filters utilize a paper type media in their construction. Some even use an oil wetted media to enhance their filtering capability while others may have a foam precleaner attached. The media removes harmful contaminants from the air in much the same way an oil filter media removes contaminants from the oil. The construction, design and type of media used in an air filter determines how well the air filter performs. Some alternative performance air filter designs utilize a cotton gauze media.


Due to the high volume of air required to burn a small amount of fuel in a typical engine, it is very important to have an unrestricted flow of air to the engine. Even a partially restricted air filter can undermine the performance and reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle.


It is recommended to change the air filter between 10,000 and 12,000 miles (15,000 kms/20,000 kms) or once a year unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This helps keep the flow of air to your engine clean, for peak performance and maximum fuel economy. However depending on operating and climatic conditions, it may be necessary to change the air filter more often. Changing the air filter in most automobiles could be considered a DIY project. Avail of the special savings now and Maximize Your Mileage With Great Products From Advance Auto Parts! (click this link for special offers)You can count on Advance Auto Parts on-line or in-store to have the quality air filter replacement for your vehicle.

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Following is a list of Technical Service Bulletins related to air filters (in PDF format - click on each one to open) which are provided as a service to the public by the Filter Manufacturers Council:

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Manufacturers' Warranty

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