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The International Filter Buyers Guide will put your message in front of potential filter customers just when they're searching for what you offer. is the International Filter Buyers Guide! Published by Filterpedia LLC based in Tennessee USA, the International Filter Buyers Guide is a better, faster way for buyers to source filter products. As an innovative web service, the guide helps researchers and customers alike connect with filter manufacturers, suppliers or service providers worldwide from markets as diverse as automotive, domestic/residential, environmental, industrial and biotech.

With a long established web presence and thousands of visitors from over 100 countries, the Colorfil website and filter buyers guide features numerous filter manufacturers, suppliers and their product lines, as well as consumer information, tools and tips on buying and maintaining all types of filters. Filter buyers from every industry and profession including engineers, maintenance professionals, contractors and consumers, save time and money using the International Filter Buyers Guide to source filters and related products.

Utilizing the resources of the colorfil website and buyers guide, filter consumers and suppliers can stay current with up-to-date filtration market news, product information, wide ranging publications, relevant market research and the largest database of filter manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We provide consumers with the buying guides, product information and resources to help make informed choices. We provide suppliers with industry news, market research and cost effective solutions to reach a growing market.

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Reach mobile phone and web-browsing customers with eye-catching search optimized PDF brochures and catalogs through the International Filter Buyers Guide.

For filter manufacturers and suppliers, we optimize your PDF brochure or catalog for both web search and mobile device download. We add hyper-links and QR codes, then we publish and host your PDF files as part of an Optimized or Premium listing in the International Filter Buyers Guide.

With an Optimized or Premium Listing in the International Filter Buyers Guide your publications will promote your filter brand and filter products to a targeted local or worldwide audience. Your Search Engine Optimized PDF catalog will be searchable by potential customers and re-sellers who are searching for original (OEM) or competitor brands, specific filter types, filter part numbers or applications and more.

With our regular Web Analysis reports, you will see at a glance the number of impressions and average position each of your PDF publications is getting in Google searches.

When subscribing to an Optimized or Premium listing, we will evaluate, prepare and optimize your PDF publications (two per listing) for the major web search engines. If your current brochure or catalog format is not search-engine friendly or cannot be optimized, we will advice you and suggest alternative solutions. To utilize this service now, go to the Registration Page and subscribe to an Optimized Listing or a Premium Listing. Our solutions will help your company increase brand awareness and gain market share.

  • Unique solutions for filtration publications and information distribution
  • Largest international database of filter manufacturers & suppliers
  • The latest news on filtration and related topics worldwide
  • Market research from top suppliers and researchers

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