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Forthcoming Regulations Require Rainwater Harvesting Systems In New Residential Buildings Throughout Ireland..  
The Irish Government plans to change planning regulations next year to require all new buildings to be fitted with systems that divert rainwater from gullies into storage tanks, after which it is pumped through the plumbing system to reduce consumption of mains water..
Weatherford Fracking Raises New Concerns In EPA Report.. 
Over three years, the EPA has sampled water in Dimock, Pa., Pavillion, Wyo., and Parker County after residents complained that their water had turned foul once natural gas drilling began nearby. In each case, the EPA found evidence of contamination but declined to pursue further water sampling or disciplinary action against the energy companies..
Ceres Technology Filters Farm Pollutants Before Reaching Irish Rivers..  
The Irish government, worried about the damage caused by fertilizer runoff from the nation's 16,000 farms, has implemented tough environmental rules that are benefiting a local company..
Stamford City Offers Subsidized Well Water Testing Program..  
The Stamford Health Department has provided private well water testing since March 2012 following the discovery of the long-banned and carcinogenic pesticides chlordane and dieldrin in the drinking water of several North Stamford homes..
Why Did Environmental Protection Agency Withdraw Drinking Water Protections..  
The EPA Inspector General found EPA Region 6 was justified in legally intervening to protect Parker County residents' drinking water from drilling impacts..
City Adjusting Water Filtration Process to Address Disinfection Byproduct Violations..
An unusual spike in disinfection byproducts in the Memphis water supply has resulted in a second round of violations of the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Regulations. Customers of the municipal water supplier received notification last week of the issue..
Manila Lawmaker Files Bill Requiring Provinces & Cities Nationwide To Acquire Water Filters For Emergency Preparedness.. 
Should it be passed into law, it will require all cities and provinces to have adequate portable water filters within six months after its effectivity, considering the condition of the Philippines as a calamity-prone country..
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