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Loss Of Alps Filtration System At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Adds To Contamination Levels..  
The loss of Alps, one of two systems for filtering water used to cool reactor fuel, adds to the contamination levels of water in the plant’s storage tanks, hundreds of which may be susceptible to leaks..
Clear Edge Filtration Purchased By Illinois Based Filtration Group..
The industrial filtration manufacturer has been purchased by Joliet, Illinois-based Filtration Group. The company was sold by a Dutch private equity company, Gamma Holding..
Whitehouse Scientific Sieve Aperture Size Calculator Now On Flash Drive..  
Whitehouse Scientific’s Sieve Aperture Size Calculator, for use with the company’s NIST-traceable sieve calibration standards, is now provided in a convenient flash drive format..
PSL Develop Unique Filtration Solutions For Microsphere Formulation..  
With PSL’s unique design, utilising side and bottom filtration, size classification is achieved. Classification being the most difficult task associated with Microsphere production..
Donaldson Sells Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturer Ultratroc To IJW Anlagenbau Gmbh..
Sale of the Flensburg manufacturing facility will be effective 23 September. Jan Weiner, the Plant Manager of Ultratroc Gmbh until 2010, is a co-owner of IJW and returns as Manager of the Flensburg facility and its 38 employees..
Super Clean Gas Filters Electronic Indicator Progressively Displays Real-Time Filter Status..
The Electronic Indicator Device progressively displays real-time filter status instead of a ‘last minute’ color change from traditional indicators..
Imperial’s Cmaxx Unique Pulse Distribution Technology Delivers 100% Even Pulsation Across DeltaMaxx Filter Wall..  
In addition, the CMAXX collector has no external bolt holes so water cannot get into the unit to damage the filters..
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