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Silent Spring Institute Highlights Risk Of Lifestyle Related Contaminants Entering Drinking Water Systems..
Hormones, drugs and household chemicals from wastewater treatment plants are increasingly recognized as threats of emerging concern (CECs) to water quality and human health..
EPS Ireland Division Bison Forms Partnership With Condor And Canadian Premier Tech..
The introduction of decentralised wastewater treatment technologies will ensure the best and most appropriate products will be available to meet the increased demand arising as a result of the septic tank inspection programme in Ireland..
Fourth Wastewater Treatment Plant In South Carolina Found With High Levels Of PCB Contamination..
South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control has issued emergency regulations regarding the land application and testing of sludge that contains PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls..
Estimates Reveal Up To Half Of China’s Population Could Be Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water..  
Pollution has been discovered in all of China's water bodies, with serious pollution occurring in the watersheds of the Yangtze, Pearl, Yellow, Huai, Hai, Liao, and Songua Rivers..
Austrian Research Finds Holy Water Contains High Bacteria Levels And Failed To Meet National Drinking Water Regulations..
The Institute of Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna tested samples of water in holy wells and holy water in church fonts and found that 86% of well water contained bacteria commonly found in fecal matter..
Worlds Largest Ultraviolet Drinking Water Treatment Center Opens In New York..
The new plant uses Ultraviolet light which is a relatively new and revolutionary method for treating drinking water and the $1.5 billion Catskill/Delaware UV Facility will provide an added layer of protection against pathogens and other harmful microorganisms..
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