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Owner Operators At OOIDA Sue CARB Over DPF Retrofit Emissions Regulations Requirements.. 
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has sued the California Air Resources Board over the agency’s requirement that 2006 year-model and older trucks be retrofitted with a diesel particulate filter to run in the state, alleging the regulation is unfairly costly, not beneficial and unconstitutional..
Study Shows New Diesel Truck And Bus Engine Emissions Dramatically Cleaner Than Expected.. 
The study released by the Coordinating Research Council in cooperation with the Health Effects Institute highlights the low-emissions performance of the new generation of clean diesel technology manufactured starting in 2010..
EHP (Environmental Health Perspectives) Study Finds Diesel Exhaust Emissions Culpable in Lung Cancer Mortalities.. 
Combined data from three US occupational cohort studies suggest that DEE at levels common in the workplace and in outdoor air appear to pose substantial excess lifetime risks of lung cancer..
January 15 2014 Deadline For US EPA National Clean Diesel Rebate Program Rebate Application Form.. 
Private equipment owners are able to apply for funding from the National Clean Diesel Rebate Program if the equipment is currently contracted or leased to federal, regional, State, local, or tribal agency or port authority with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality..
National Clean Diesel Rebate Program, 2013 Construction Equipment Funding Opportunity Program Guide.. 
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is offering a 2013 Construction Equipment Funding Opportunity to reduce diesel emissions from existing fleets of nonroad construction equipment. s..
Air Regulators Modify Rules On Diesel Truck Requirements.. 
CARB said it's implementing some flexible compliance options to provide more time for many fleets to install particulate matter (PM) filters. The regulation requires diesel truck and bus owners to take steps to reduce their engine emissions as part of a state plan to meet federal air quality standards..
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology Explained In Diesel Emissions Reduction.. 
Meeting very low engine emission standards while maintaining or improving engine performance and fuel efficiency is a significant challenge for the diesel industry. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is one of the technologies deployed to help meet this challenge..
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